Monday, 23 April 2012

SSA- UHSNET members trained in Documentation and Communication

On 18th – 19th April 2012, SSA- UHSNET successfully conducted a two day training of members in documentation and communication. The overall aim of the training was to equip member participants with skills in documentation and communication to ensure there is effective case study dissemination in the human settlements sector.

Among other benefits, the training was able to:
  • Equip individuals from member organizations with adequate knowledge and skills to understand and apply effective documentation and communication techniques  
  • Help participants to understand how to engage with media, and be creative in best practice reporting 
  • Initiate a follow up process to support members in the documentation practices.
We bring to you some of the captions and a pictorial report of the training that took place:

     The facilitator takes the attentive participants through the first part of the training.

      Participants chat the way forward for a group work assignment

The facilitator emphasizes the importance of engaging proper photography skills in media and documentation.

    The facilitator attends to a question from one of the participants.

The facilitator takes the participants through a lecture on handling and use of a camera as a tool for documentation. Participants cannot wait to try out the camera tricks.

      A participant tries out one of the cameras as the facilitator looks on.

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