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 November. 24th.2012

Recognise, Accept and take on responsibility to create /maintain a healthy and sanitary environment.

Like the place name follows; “Nakulabye” literal meaning in Luganda meaning, "I saw you",
SSA:UHSNET and KCCA saw it ...
Rubaga division in conjunction with SSA-UHSNETas an endeavour to contribute to improved human settlements conditions in Uganda, extended their arms to Nakulabye Parish through organizing a community clean up exercise all in line with KCCA’s campaign dubbed -Kampala City Yange. At the front line was the responsibility recognition, acceptance and role playing and different levels, as we all include Source based reducing approaches in our Solid waste management strategies.
Clean up took place in the 9 villages of Nakulabye parish which included: Masiiro zone 3, Nakulabye zone 8, Tree zone 9, Mujumba zone, West Church, Buliluno zone1, Suzana zone1, Terra zone1, Nakulabye 1.

In green reflectors is some of SSA:UHSNET staff ,Middle( in Blue) is the Director public health  and environment-KCCA, witnessing the handover of tools provided by SSA:UHSNET to KCCA Rubaga division.

SSA:UHSNET at the bridge line of communities and their leaders.

In this clean up campaign, Rubaga division Authorities and the Network engaged with community members, Local Council leaders and KCCA'S technical staff all drawing attention to both communities’ right to a clean and healthy environment whilst emphasizing individual roles and responsibilities in preserving and protecting their environment.

People voluntarily take on Cleaning their streets
Am playing my role,
I will take the lead,
I enjoy my right to the deepest
In Green Reflector, Dorothy B. Speaking out on the Clean up, SSA:UHSNETs' engagement  the need to keep the practice on going and communities taking the lead. 
This clean-up exercise and awareness- raising campaign encompassed a diversity of activities from, building dialogue with communities on their role to stay in a clean and healthy environment, opening up drainage channels, sweeping, cleaning trenches, collecting and loading rubbish on to awaiting rubbish trucks and more.

A tourch through the line: possibilities to realities

Taking Position. 
The clean up took place in all the nine villages of Nakulabye parish
Merging efforts and connecting the nine villages on the 24th. Nov

SSA:UHSNET Staff joins hands with the communities

Loading  Chaff on one of KCCA Trucks during the cleaning
Changing the looks! street appealing for Business after cleaning

Sharing lessons and passing on the Call...

The  town clerk Mr. Asimwe Abel Mbibona, expressed gratitude to UHSNET for its continuous support and on ground ingagement with community and called on the public to do their role and that Council will too do it's role.

The Masiiro Skip ; The long time and growing haven of waste deposit in Masiiro zone_ Nakulabye needs some cure!

Proposals on the above Masiiro Skip," A mountain" of waste! 

SSA:UHSNET: The above skip is beyond carrying off, but rather require different stakeholders such as KCCA, Government and some Aid agencies to come together, negotiate plans of creating a Micro solid waste treatment plant at this site. While Interacting with leaders during the clean up meetings, it came out that individuals/ People dump the wastes in this zone because they have no where to dump thus even when restrictions and fines have been put in place to restrict people from dumping there, they still trespass. 

But it still remains a big challenge not only to Nakulabye parish and the people staying around but to the whole of Kampala. In case any one has a possible way forward as far as this is concerned, feel free to share with us and any other Authorities in Rubaga division.

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