Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Promoting Eco-friendly Technologies in Informal Settlements in Uganda (PECTIS)

This intervention is aimed at supporting community led initiatives to provide environmentally sustainable sanitation. This is through the use of various approaches as detailed below.

The first approach of this project is the use of Interlocking Soil Stabilized Brick making machines (ISSB) as an affordable and environmentally friendly technology, for construction of essential infrastructure; e.g. toilets and solid waste collection points.

The project takes on a “Learning by Doing” approach in which community participation plays a crucial role in the choice of sites, equipment, structures, and methodology.
In addition, students of ‘built environment/architecture’ will assist communities in construction design, sitting, and construction. This enables a learning culture that goes beyond the theoretical model of teaching and incorporates a ‘hands on’ approach.

The project provides skills and awareness creation to the communities in entrepreneurship, cooperatives, and management structures for sustainability. This project aims to help youth to have income generating activities and boost the economic status of this area.

Finally this project has increased awareness of the communities on the importance of environmental sustainability and the impact of their activities on the wetland. This is through environmental campaigns carried out through the area, spear headed by the local authorities.

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