Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Housing Situation in Uganda

·         National Population is estimated at 37 Million people with a growth averaging 3.5% per year
·         It was estimated (2012) that Uganda has about 6.82 million households living in 6.2 million housing units with an average household size of 5.0 persons.
·         The national occupancy density is estimated at 1.1 household per housing unit, giving a total backlog of 710,000 housing units. 
·         There is also a backlog of about 900,000 housing units as a result of sub-standard houses and structures which were never meant for human habitation. Out of a total backlog of 1.6 million housing units, about 210,000 units are in urban areas while 1.395 million units are in rural areas.
·         The annual need for new housing for the entire country is estimated at 200,000 (two hundred housing units) of which 135,000 are rural and 65,000 in urban areas resulting from the population growth of 3.5% national and 5% urbanization.
·         The construction rate of reasonably good houses is estimated at 40,000 housing units in the rural areas and 20,000 in urban areas. 

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