Thursday, 16 October 2014

Promoting Housing Rights Awareness in Uganda’s Informal Settlements; a project by SSA: UHSNET

This project aims at an empowered network engaging in policies programmes and practices for the sustainable improvement of Uganda’s informal settlements in Uganda/ East Africa. 
The project is funded by We Effect (formerly Swedish Cooperative Center) as part of their Housing Programme titled: "The Right to Adequate Housing in East Africa". More on we effect at:

The purpose of the project is to raise awareness and conscious actions to the improved living conditions in informal settlements. 
The project is empowering communities with awareness to improve their situations and make a difference in their housing. 
The project aims to demonstrate to government that the support of communities that have recognized their roles and are willing to work under a self help approach is sustainable and desirable for all. 
The project will ensure the promotion of sustainable community approaches that can be replicated in different areas of Uganda and that can address specifically the issues of the informal settlements in the ten (10) districts that will be engaged in the project.

This project is a right based project that aims at lobbying government to honor its obligations to communities specifically the informal settlements. This will be done through increased awareness and demanding for accountability in the housing sector and advocating for the right to adequate human settlements for all in Uganda. 

Some of the key issues of the project include:
·         Engagement with government and key duty bearers to advocate towards change in policy and legislation as a network
·         Engagement with communities to identify relevant modes of interventions that are sustainable
·         Building capacity of members and stakeholders to engage in effective advocacy, and housing interventions
·         Facilitated knowledge management to provide a clear direction and information for housing in Uganda.

The direction of the project emphasizes the advocacy and capacity building past successes to better serve the target population of the network. 

The project also seeks to maintain and develop regional partnerships that can increase cross border advocacy towards the housing agenda.


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