Sunday, 26 October 2014

Promoting Urban Poor Women's Housing and Property rights in Uganda

The project is aimed at empowering urban poor Women groups in central and eastern Uganda urban communities to access property and adequate housing for economic development. The project targets the districts of Kampala and Jinja. This is being achieved through three main strategies which include:
1.       Training and Capacity development for women groups;
2.       Lobbying and advocacy;
3.    Fostering networks and Coalition towards promotion of women’s property and housing rights for economic empowerment.

Through these strategies the project is empowering women with skills in property and housing development, paralegal skills for women to actualize their rights to property and fostering partnerships and coalitions towards promotion of women’s property and housing rights for economic empowerment. 
The project also links the urban poor women groups to key stakeholders to ensure synergy in support of women rights to property as a means to better their economic status. 
The project also intends to develop resource tools that will guide sensitization and awareness of communities on benefits of asset development for women. The project aims to institute sustainable services that can be scaled up to other areas within the districts and subsequently to other districts and regions of Uganda.

The secondary focus for the project is Promoting Entrepreneurship and guaranteeing social protection for urban poor women. 
The logic behind this project is that by increasing access to property there will be increased businesses which translate into promotion of entrepreneurship.

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